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A complete suite of online career accelerator programs designed to help smart, talented mid-career professionals go from managing their careers mostly by default to proactively crafting their careers with purpose.

Individual and Group Coaching | Openings Available

Individual strategic positioning; leveraging your professional values, strengths and talents

Group communication and leadership development

Customized networking campaigns 


Online Courses | Waitlisted until Fall 2019

How to talk about yourself

Positioning strategy

Authentic business networking

Resume update at mid-career

LinkedIn profile optimization 

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Membership | Waitlisted until Fall 2019

Group coaching

Networking pair-ups

Weekly mini-challenges

Accountability sessions

Leadership masterclasses

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"Working with Nicole helped me to gain a new perspective about how to present myself not only as a candidate with a lot of experience but as someone who can contribute what others can’t and in doing that it would help me to stand out from other candidates."

Kristine Buchanan

"Nicole is outstanding and helped guide me through a job search that was quite challenging, but one that ultimately landed me in a great new role that I’d consider a dream job. Her insights on everything from networking, resume writing, interviewing, communication were excellent. And her perspective, accountability and reassurance kept me on track, pushed me past frustrating moments, and gave me significantly more confidence."

Jay Oberhelman

"Working with Nicole: WOW! She has prepared me to be confident and competitive as I begin a new career. She’s an asset in regards to staff development, communication strategies, and furthering future career steps towards higher management. I can’t recommend working with her enough! "

Amy Dzuban

"When I met Nicole I was working in a field I had little experience in. I did, however, have a passion for the work I was doing! With Nicole’s guidance, I was able to create a future for myself in this field of work. Working with Nicole has made me a valuable employee and a leader within my company. She offers great perspective on how to navigate the business world, and is an amazing resource to anyone interested in exploring their potential! "

Jen Berge

"By helping me develop a framework for tackling challenging business problems, Nicole helped me more effectively apply critical thinking to providing creative solutions for my clients. Nicole’s unique approach to addressing challenges has helped me become an effective client manager. "

Nick Greene

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